Kaikhan Salakhov - Azerbaijani American Artist in the 3d generation of the Salakhov dynasty.

December 8, 1993, born in New York. 

2002 - opens his first exhibition in theatrical courses.

2006 - 2007 - participates in the exhibitions of the studio "No.5 DEZ".

2011 - served in the Buddhist monastery in Singapore and enters the Moscow Architectural Institute.

2012 - participates as the supervisor at the exhibition "No.5 DEZ". 

2013 - creates his first science fiction novel "New Life".

2014 - moves to Vienna enrolling in the Vienna Polytechnic University at the Faculty of Architecture. 

2016 - moves to Italy entering the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts.

2017 - participates in the UNESCO competition. Sculpture "Cosmos" wins in the competition and was awarded with a diploma of the second degree. Creates his own system of alphabet "Cosmocybernetic Hieroglyphics".

2018 - participates in Maurizio Cattelan competition. Creates Astral Space Exploration: Cosmocybernetic Art. Creates his own system of runes "Cosmocybernetic Runes".Gifts his artwork "The Fundamental Principles of Cosmocybernetics" to His Holiness The Dalai Lama XIV. Participates in the UNESCO competition. Sculpture "Mechanism of the Cosmos" wins in the competition and was awarded with a diploma of the second degree.

2019 - opens his first personal exhibition "Renovatio" in WHO/AM Gallery in Moscow. Participates in Cosmoscow Art Fair. Opens his first personal exhibition in Parma. 

2020 - participates in Cosmoscow Art Fair.  

2021 - participates in the main exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin in the Media Center of the Central park of Moscow "Zaryadye". With his exhibition at Zaryadye, the artist has set himself the task of making a radical statement at the most visible place in front of the Kremlin that the perspective in which political systems (Russia in particular) are heading is fundamentally wrong and at odds with the universal conception of existence, namely the unity of all humanity and the illusory virtuality of state systems. In his work Kosmopolis Kaikhan Salakhov has questioned the entire development of humanity, which does not imply a universal integral holistic unity. in the movie "You are from the Future 2". About artists thinking and drawing in a completely different way.Participates in Cosmoscow Art Fair. Released his first music album and single. Participates in an exhibition of generations where his works, the works of his grandfather and mother were presented. In 2021, his grandfather Tahir Teymurovich Salakhov died. He independently prepared an exhibition at which he acted both as a curator and as an artist, where he presented the life story of his grandfather in the form of a science fiction story that describes a neural network from the future. This exhibition has received a wide response in the highest circles of cultural figures both in Russia and on the territory of Azerbaijan. And also received a huge audience sympathy, which was repeatedly written about in the media.

2022 - participates with his NFTs in MetaVentures Phuket 2022. Participates in Contemporary Istanbul 2022 with the series of artworks "The Holy Kaaba".

"A human being, as any other sentient life form, is a citizen of the Cosmos, not just some specific universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, country, village or tribe. It is this which is Cosmic consciousness. It is this which is the essence of being" (c)

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