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Kaikhan Salakhov - Azerbaijani American Artist in the 3d generation of the Salakhov dynasty. First artist in the world to apply quantum mechanics, superstring theory, integral theory of consciousness, multiverse theory, as well as the methodology of cosmic civilization development by stages on 8 levels of consciousness evolution, which covers all areas of human activity from architecture to space exploration in fine art. Innovator and author of his own style in art called Astral Space Exploration: Cosmocybernetic Art.

December 8, 1993, born in New York.


2023 Author of the exhibition "Geometry - The Knowledge of the Eternal". Kanvas Dubai. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2021 Author and curator of the exhibition "Infinity" in Ekaterina Foundation,Moscow, Russia.
2019 "Renovatio" at WHO/AM Gallery in Moscow. Russia

2019 "The Holy Supernova". Cubo. Parma, Italy.


2023  Dubai Calligraphy Biennale. Firetty Contemporary. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2023  Dubai BoulveART Exhibition at Art In Space 360, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2023  Dubai TODA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2023  TAEX + ART. NFT Exhibition. Lisbon, Portugal. 
2022  NFT at MetaVentures Phuket, Thailand.
2022  Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.
2022  Dubai Fashion Week as part of Avatar Show Day at Art In Space 360 with T.A.H.I.R.A robot video animation, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2021  Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia.
2021 Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of human spaceflight at the Zaryadye Museum, Moscow, Russia.
2020  Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russia.
2019  Cosmoscow Art Fair, Moscow, Russa.
Winner of the UNESCO Competition. 2nd place. Carrara. Italy. 
2018  Participant of the Maurizio Cattelan competition. Carrara, Italy.
2017  Winner of the UNESCO Competition. 2nd place. Carrara, Italy. 


2021 Creates T.A.H.I.R.A - 108
2018 Creation of the project Astral Space Exploration: Cosmocybernetic Art,

2018 Presents his work The Fundamental Principles Of Cosmocybernetics to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. 
2013 Writes science fiction novel A New Life​.
2011 Serves in a Buddhist monastery in Singapore

Statement: "A human being, as any other sentient life form, is a citizen of the Cosmos, not just some specific universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, country, village or tribe. It is this which is Cosmic consciousness. It is this which is the essence of being" (c) Kaikhan Salakhov

© 2015-2023 by kaikhan salakhov. astral space exploration: cosmocybernetic art. All rights reserved.

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