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Kaikhan Salakhov's art is more than just a collection of creative works; it is a philosophy that incorporates quantum physics, integral theory, and science fiction to explore the depths of the Cosmos. His Astral Space X cosmological metanarrative examines not just the physical Universe, but all manifestations of being and levels of consciousness. Through his art, Kaikhan encourages people to explore the inner dimensions of the Cosmos using their consciousness as a spaceship, as a means of gaining insight into the mysteries of the universe.

Consciousness, according to Kaikhan, is the fundamental force behind all information in the Multiverse. To affect the information field, one must cultivate and develop contemplation, awareness, and wisdom within oneself. By doing so, high-frequency vibrations are generated, which enhance the consciousness of other life forms through space and time. This positive contribution to the evolution of the Multiverse is essential, as even the actions of the smallest beings result in changes across the entire Universe. It is critical to recognize that the Multiverse is a living organism that is continuously evolving, and as conscious beings, we are an integral part of this process. By focusing on our inner world and cultivating a peaceful and compassionate mind, we can positively contribute to the evolution of the Multiverse. This is the ultimate goal of all conscious beings.

Kaikhan's art aims to inspire people to explore their consciousness and contribute positively to the evolution of the Multiverse. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of cultivating a peaceful and compassionate mind to shape the destiny of all life forms in the Multiverse. His creative works take many forms, including 3D concepts of sci-fi fashion design, sci-fi architecture, sci-fi robot designs, sci-fi novels, sci-fi podcast, sci-fi YouTube blog, hand-made graphics and paintings, video animations, NFT drops, and more. Kaikhan's philosophy is a call to action for all of us to take responsibility for the evolution of the Multiverse by cultivating a peaceful and compassionate mind. By doing so, we can shape the future of the Multiverse positively. Consciousness is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Cosmos, and Kaikhan's art provides a roadmap to help us on this journey of exploration and discovery.

The Astral Space Exploration: Cosmocybernetic Art is the essential idea that consciousness is a spaceship that can be used to explore the endless expanses of the inner worlds. Kaikhan believes that it is important to investigate both the physical and nonmaterial dimensions of the Cosmos. Kaikhan discovered his symbol for exploring the inner dimensions of the Cosmos in a deep meditative state of consciousness, and when he meditates on it, creative insights come to him, which he saves in the form of objects of art. The name Astral Space Exploration is closely related to his symbol, which he uses as a basis for deep creative dives. He has been fascinated with science fiction since childhood and most of his creative insights are related to the future. He calls his insights Cosmocybernetics, which is the science of the general laws of obtaining, storing, transforming, and transferring information in complex control systems of infinite Universes and nonmaterial dimensions of the Cosmos. Kaikhan believes that with the right methodology, we can set the frequency of reception of cosmic waves by a certain brain to draw knowledge from the Cosmic Core and interact with the Cosmos directly. He sincerely believes in the importance of exploring the Cosmos inside ourselves and the potential for humanity to dominate the physical and nonmaterial dimensions of the Cosmos with the help of higher technological achievements of humanity and cosmic consciousness.

The essential idea behind Astral Space Exploration is that consciousness is the ultimate tool for exploring the endless expanses of the inner worlds. While it is important to investigate the physical dimensions of the Cosmos, it is equally important to investigate its non-material dimensions. The ability to explore these non-material dimensions is available to all from the moment of birth and is absolutely free. Managing consciousness as a spaceship to explore the inner Cosmos is not an easy task. It requires a deep understanding of the nature of consciousness and the ability to control it. However, with the help of higher technological achievements and the attainment of cosmic consciousness, humanity can take a step closer to the great sacred mystery of all being. By mastering the physical and non-material dimensions of the Cosmos, humanity can gain a deeper understanding of the universe and our place in it. This understanding can lead to the betterment of humanity and the advancement of civilization. The ultimate goal of Astral Space Exploration is to assist humanity in achieving a higher level of understanding and connection with the universe. By exploring both the physical and non-material dimensions of the Cosmos, humanity can gain a deeper understanding of the universe and our place in it. This understanding can lead to the betterment of humanity and the advancement of civilization. The project aims to bring humanity closer to the great sacred mystery of all being and to promote the harmony and balance within the Multiverse.


Cybernetics is the science of the general laws of obtaining, storing, transforming and transferring information to complex control systems such as machines, living organisms or society. Cosmocybernetics, on the other hand, is an extension of cybernetics and deals with the general laws of obtaining, storing, transforming information in complex control systems of infinite universes and non-material dimensions of the Cosmos. With the right methodology, it is possible to set the frequency of reception of cosmic waves by a certain brain (for which it was created) so that it can easily draw knowledge from the Cosmic Core. This process is known as cosmic tuning. Cosmic tuning allows an individual to interact with the Cosmos as such directly, by using the brain as a receiver to access cosmic knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom can be used to improve the human condition and promote the advancement of human civilization. Cosmocybernetics, therefore, is a multidisciplinary field that combines the principles of cybernetics and the integral cosmic approach to study the laws of obtaining, storing, transforming, and transferring information in complex control systems of infinite universes and non-material dimensions of the Cosmos.

All about my artistic mission.

SpaceX, through its groundbreaking advancements in the space industry, is propelling humanity towards a future where we can confidently consider ourselves a multiplanetary species. This news is undeniably exciting, prompting us to explore whether we are truly prepared for such a monumental leap. To embark on this cosmic endeavor, we must first acknowledge and address the various stages of consciousness that shape the human race's collective mindset. Disregarding these stages would be a disservice to our development and hinder our ability to thrive beyond Earth's bounds.

Our species stands at the dawn of its evolution, having recently entered the cosmic stage. However, our behavior in this new realm is far from refined, signaling a lack of world-centered consciousness development. To shed light on this aspect, I delved into numerous perspectives and models of consciousness and human development, primarily drawing insights from the works of Ken Wilber

In 2018, I presented my own evolutionary model of human consciousness, aiming to provide a comprehensive framework that aids in the proper growth of human civilization within the cosmic space. Symbolized by the eight-pointed star, my model outlines eight distinct stages of consciousness. While it does not claim absolute truth, it offers a valuable tool for understanding and navigating the complexities of human development. This emblem, alongside the all-encompassing model of consciousness's continual expansion, has become the central philosophy driving my creative pursuits.

Understanding the stages of human consciousness is key to comprehending our journey towards becoming a multiplanetary species. As we explore these stages, we gain valuable insights into the growth and potential of humanity's collective mindset. Let's delve into each stage, acknowledging its significance in our ongoing development.

Stage 1: Pre-Egoic Period - Instinctive Existence.

When we are born, every single baby, without exception, enters the stage of pre-egoic consciousness known as instinctive existence. This initial stage of human consciousness is deeply ingrained within us from the moment we enter the world. During this stage, infants rely heavily on their innate survival instincts to navigate their new environment. Their consciousness is primarily centered around fulfilling their most basic needs for sustenance, comfort, and protection. These instinctual drives serve as the foundation for their early development and growth. Consider a newborn baby who instinctively cries when hungry or in discomfort. This cry is an instinctual response that communicates their need for nourishment or attention. The baby's entire existence revolves around ensuring that their most fundamental needs are met. Their instinctive behaviors, such as sucking for nourishment or grasping for support, are essential for their survival during this stage. Babies in the pre-egoic period have not yet developed a sense of self or a separate identity. They do not possess an awareness of themselves as distinct individuals. Instead, their consciousness is entirely focused on immediate sensory experiences and meeting their basic physiological requirements. As infants grow and develop, their instinctive existence gradually lays the groundwork for the emergence of higher stages of consciousness. Through interactions with their caregivers and the surrounding environment, they begin to form attachments, develop self-awareness, and acquire language and social skills. These milestones mark the transition from the pre-egoic period to subsequent stages of consciousness. It is important to recognize that the pre-egoic period is a vital and universal stage of human development. Regardless of cultural, social, or individual differences, all babies pass through this stage as they embark on their journey of growth and self-discovery. It serves as a critical starting point for the unfolding of human consciousness and the formation of personal identity.

Stage 2: Egocentric Period - Separate Self-Consciousness.

As the infant grows and develops, a profound transformation occurs, giving rise to the egocentric stage of consciousness. At this stage, individuals begin to develop a sense of separate self-consciousness, marking a significant milestone in their cognitive and emotional development. During the egocentric period, individuals become increasingly aware of themselves as distinct individuals separate from others. They start to recognize their own needs, desires, and preferences. This growing self-awareness leads to a shift in focus from solely instinctual drives to a more self-centered perspective. One of the defining characteristics of the egocentric stage is the emphasis on personal attachments and protection. Individuals become deeply invested in their own well-being and the fulfillment of their own desires. Their consciousness is primarily oriented towards meeting their own needs and interests, often prioritizing them above the needs of others.

Empathy, during this stage, is limited to objects and individuals within one's immediate circle of personal attachments. People tend to feel greater concern and compassion for those close to them, such as family and friends. However, empathy towards entities outside this close circle, such as the broader biosphere or distant communities, may be lacking or less pronounced. It is important to note that the egocentric stage is a natural and necessary part of human development. It allows individuals to form a sense of self and understand their own identity, desires, and boundaries. By focusing on personal attachments and protection, individuals gain a sense of security and autonomy, which are crucial for their overall growth. An example of the egocentric stage can be observed in young children who assert their independence, express their preferences, and engage in play that centers around their own desires. They may exhibit possessiveness over toys or belongings, unwilling to share with others. Their consciousness is largely absorbed in fulfilling their own immediate needs and seeking personal gratification. While the egocentric stage is essential for the development of individuality and self-identity, it also presents opportunities for growth. Through socialization, exposure to diverse perspectives, and nurturing relationships, individuals can gradually expand their consciousness beyond the boundaries of the self and cultivate a broader sense of empathy and interconnectedness.

Stage 3: Ethnocentric Period - Group Identity and Adaptation.

The ethnocentric stage represents a significant shift in human consciousness, where individuals define their self-consciousness through group affiliation and conformity. During this stage, personal identity is deeply intertwined with the identity of the group to which individuals belong. In the ethnocentric period, individuals prioritize adherence to cultural norms, traditions, and the values of their group. They seek validation and approval from group leaders, and their behavior is heavily influenced by the desire to fit in and conform. The collective identity takes precedence over individual desires and aspirations. One of the notable characteristics of the ethnocentric stage is the development of a strong sense of patriotism. Individuals exhibit deep loyalty and attachment to their group, often displaying fervent support for their nation, ethnicity, or community. This strong sense of belonging contributes to a shared collective identity and fosters a sense of unity within the group.

The ethnocentric stage is also marked by a relatively narrow collective intelligence. While individuals within the group may possess specialized knowledge or skills, their focus is primarily directed towards the needs and interests of their own group. The consciousness is more attuned to the challenges, achievements, and aspirations of the group, often with limited consideration for those outside of it. Empathy during this stage is primarily directed towards objects, individuals, or entities within the group. There is a heightened concern and care for the well-being of fellow group members, as there is a shared sense of identity and common goals. However, empathy towards those outside the group may be less pronounced or even absent, as the focus remains primarily on the welfare and success of the in-group. An example of the ethnocentric stage can be seen in societies where cultural traditions, social norms, and collective identities hold significant influence. People often conform to societal expectations, follow established customs, and participate in rituals that strengthen the bond with their group. They may exhibit a strong nationalistic spirit, displaying pride in their country's achievements and advocating for its interests. While the ethnocentric stage can foster a sense of unity and social cohesion within a group, it also presents potential challenges. The limited perspective and focus on the in-group may lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and the exclusion of those perceived as different or belonging to other groups. As individuals progress through their developmental journey, they have the potential to transcend the ethnocentric stage and embrace a broader worldview. By engaging with diverse perspectives, cultivating empathy for those outside their immediate group, and recognizing the interconnectedness of humanity, individuals can move towards higher stages of consciousness and foster a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Stage 4: World-Centered Period - Planetary Interdependence.

The world-centered stage signifies a significant leap in human consciousness, where individuals expand their awareness to recognize the interdependence and interconnectedness of different ethnocentric groups. It is during this stage that multiple groups integrate into a coherent multicultural system, giving rise to a global holistic order. In the world-centered period, human consciousness transcends the boundaries of individual groups and embraces a broader perspective that encompasses the needs and interests of planetary society as a whole. There is a growing realization that the well-being of one group is intricately linked to the well-being of others, and that collective cooperation and collaboration are essential for sustainable progress. This stage represents a remarkable shift towards a more inclusive and expansive worldview. Individuals begin to appreciate and value the diversity of cultures, traditions, and perspectives, recognizing that each group has unique contributions to offer. The focus shifts from a narrow ethnocentric view to a broader appreciation of the richness and complexity of humanity. A central aspect of the world-centered stage is the formation of a global holistic order. It entails establishing systems, institutions, and frameworks that facilitate cooperation and dialogue among diverse groups. Multiculturalism becomes a guiding principle, fostering a society where different ethnicities, religions, and ideologies coexist harmoniously.

Life, during the world-centered stage, is perceived within the context of the needs and interests of planetary society. This entails considering the collective welfare, sustainability, and equitable distribution of resources on a global scale. The well-being of the entire planet and its ecosystems becomes a shared responsibility, as individuals recognize the interconnectedness of all life forms. An example of the world-centered stage can be observed in initiatives that promote global cooperation, such as international agreements on climate change, human rights, and sustainable development. Efforts are made to address global challenges collectively, transcending national boundaries and prioritizing the greater good of humanity as a whole. While the world-centered period represents a significant advancement in human consciousness, it is important to acknowledge that its full realization is an ongoing process. Achieving a truly global holistic order requires continuous efforts to overcome barriers, foster dialogue, and bridge the gaps between diverse groups. It necessitates cultivating empathy, respect, and understanding for cultures and perspectives that differ from our own. As individuals progress through the world-centered stage, they become catalysts for positive change, advocating for social justice, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of all beings on the planet. They actively seek to create a more inclusive and sustainable world, where the interdependence of different groups is acknowledged and celebrated.

Stage 5: Multiplanetary Stage - Cosmic Cooperation

The multiplanetary stage represents a momentous milestone in human consciousness as humanity ventures beyond the confines of a single planet. During this stage, self-consciousness expands to encompass a larger cosmic framework, and the focus shifts towards cross-planetary cooperation. In the multiplanetary stage, individuals identify themselves as part of a broader cosmic community. The realization dawns that humanity's destiny and existence extend beyond the boundaries of a single planet. The exploration and colonization of other celestial bodies become a crucial endeavor, driven by the aspiration to expand our presence in the cosmos.

Cross-planetary cooperation takes center stage as humans collaborate on a cosmic scale. The challenges and opportunities presented by space exploration necessitate international collaboration, scientific exchange, and shared resources. Joint missions, research endeavors, and technological advancements become crucial elements in propelling humanity's multiplanetary journey forward. Life is viewed through the lens of the needs and interests of the entire human race. The collective well-being of humanity takes precedence over individual or national concerns. Global challenges, such as resource management, sustainable living, and the preservation of cosmic ecosystems, become shared responsibilities that transcend national borders. An example of the multiplanetary stage can be witnessed in the international collaborations and partnerships that have emerged in space exploration initiatives. Efforts such as the International Space Station (ISS) exemplify the cooperative spirit, where astronauts from different countries work together in a shared endeavor to further our understanding of the cosmos. The establishment of interplanetary colonies and the development of infrastructure beyond Earth's boundaries further demonstrate the multiplanetary mindset. While the multiplanetary stage holds great promise, it also poses unique ethical and logistical challenges. Questions of governance, resource allocation, and ensuring the equitable distribution of opportunities in the cosmic frontier require careful consideration. Balancing the aspirations of the human race with the preservation of cosmic environments and the respect for potential extraterrestrial life becomes paramount. As individuals progress through the multiplanetary stage, they become ambassadors of cosmic cooperation, advocating for the responsible exploration and utilization of celestial resources. They embrace the principles of unity, collaboration, and mutual respect, working towards a future where humanity's expansion into the cosmos is marked by harmony and sustainability.

Stage 6: Supermultiplanetary Period - Harmonious Coexistence.

In the supermultiplanetary stage, human self-consciousness reaches new heights as it expands to encompass entire solar systems. This stage represents a profound shift in awareness, where cooperation extends far beyond planetary boundaries, and the focus shifts towards maintaining harmonious coexistence with other races and life-forms in the universe. During the supermultiplanetary period, individuals recognize themselves as part of a larger cosmic tapestry, where diverse races and civilizations coexist across different solar systems. The understanding deepens that the universe is teeming with a multitude of intelligent life-forms, each with their own unique values, perspectives, and cultural expressions. The primary emphasis of this stage is to foster harmonious coexistence among different races and life-forms. While maintaining their own distinct values and cultural identities, humans engage in cross-solar-system collaboration built on mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. It is a time of shared knowledge, exchange of ideas, and celebration of the richness and diversity of cosmic civilizations. In the supermultiplanetary stage, the preservation of peace, stability, and intercultural harmony becomes paramount. Conflicts are resolved through diplomatic means, and interactions are guided by principles of equality, empathy, and open-mindedness. Efforts are made to find common ground and bridge cultural differences, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose across solar systems. One can imagine a future where joint scientific expeditions explore the mysteries of the universe, sharing their findings and discoveries with other civilizations. Cultural exchanges, artistic collaborations, and educational programs flourish, enriching the collective wisdom and understanding of the cosmos. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the supermultiplanetary period also presents unique challenges. Navigating the complexities of intercultural dynamics, reconciling different belief systems, and addressing potential conflicts require a delicate balance. Respect for autonomy and cultural diversity, while seeking common values and shared goals, becomes crucial in achieving sustained harmonious coexistence. As individuals progress through the supermultiplanetary stage, they embody the values of cross-solar-system collaboration and harmonious coexistence. They become ambassadors of intercultural understanding, promoting empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for the diverse expressions of cosmic civilizations. Their actions and interactions reflect a deep respect for the intrinsic worth and contributions of all races and life-forms encountered in the vastness of the universe.



Stage 7: Phase 1: Galactic Stage - Interspecies Multiculturalism 1.

In the galactic stage, the evolution of human consciousness reaches extraordinary heights as self-identity expands to encompass an entire galaxy. This stage represents a momentous leap in human development, where a cross-galactic holistic interspecies society emerges, fostering multiculturalism, technological enlightenment, and profound interstellar interactions. During the galactic stage, humanity encounters and engages with diverse intelligent civilizations from various star systems within the galaxy. The realization dawns that the universe is teeming with advanced races, each contributing their unique perspectives, knowledge, and cultural expressions to the cosmic tapestry. The primary focus of the galactic stage is to cultivate an interspecies multicultural society, characterized by a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of galactic civilizations. Humans, alongside other advanced species, embrace and celebrate their differences, recognizing that the collective wisdom and experiences of multiple races contribute to a greater understanding of the universe. Diplomatic relations and interstellar diplomacy become essential as galactic civilizations establish formal channels of communication, negotiation, and cooperation. Trade agreements, cultural exchanges, and scientific collaborations flourish, promoting the exchange of ideas, technology, and resources for the betterment of all involved. Technological enlightenment becomes a hallmark of the galactic stage, as advanced civilizations share their scientific advancements and insights with one another. The collective knowledge and innovations attained through cross-galactic collaboration propel the entire interspecies society forward, transcending the boundaries of what was previously deemed possible. Active cooperation with other advanced civilizations plays a crucial role in the galactic stage. Peaceful interactions, mutual support, and shared goals become the foundation for intergalactic partnerships. Civilizations unite to address common challenges, such as interstellar resource management, cosmic ecosystem preservation, and the pursuit of cosmic exploration. An example of the galactic stage can be envisioned through the establishment of galactic councils or congresses, where representatives from different advanced civilizations convene to discuss matters of mutual interest. These forums serve as platforms for dialogue, decision-making, and the formulation of intergalactic policies that promote peace, prosperity, and mutual understanding. However, the galactic stage also presents unique ethical and philosophical dilemmas. The exploration of the unknown, encounters with highly advanced civilizations, and the integration of disparate cultural values necessitate careful consideration and respect for the autonomy and diversity of each civilization. Balancing the preservation of individual cultural identities while fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose becomes paramount in this stage. As individuals progress through the galactic stage, they embody the values of interspecies multiculturalism, technological enlightenment, and active cooperation with other advanced civilizations. They become ambassadors of galactic harmony, working towards the advancement of collective knowledge, interstellar peace, and the preservation of cosmic ecosystems.

Stage 7: Phase 2: Multigalactic Stage - Interspecies Multiculturalism 2.

Advancing beyond the galactic stage, human self-consciousness reaches unprecedented heights in the multigalactic stage. At this stage, individuals transcend the boundaries of a single galaxy and embrace an expansive perspective that encompasses multiple galaxies. Interspecies multiculturalism continues to flourish, fostering a rich tapestry of diverse civilizations and fostering a spirit of cosmic unity. In the multigalactic stage, humanity's interactions extend beyond the confines of a single galaxy, encompassing civilizations from various galaxies scattered throughout the cosmos. The realization dawns that the universe is a vast expanse teeming with countless galaxies, each harboring unique forms of life, wisdom, and cultural expressions. The hallmark of the multigalactic stage is the celebration and integration of diverse interspecies cultures. Humans, alongside beings from other advanced civilizations, recognize the intrinsic value of cultural diversity and actively promote the exchange of ideas, traditions, and knowledge. Multigalactic society becomes a thriving tapestry of interconnected civilizations, each contributing their distinct perspectives to the collective consciousness of the cosmos. Interspecies multiculturalism is nurtured through extensive cultural exchanges, artistic collaborations, and educational initiatives. Beings from different galaxies engage in vibrant dialogues, sharing their customs, beliefs, and artistic expressions. This rich cultural tapestry gives rise to new forms of creative expression, intellectual exploration, and spiritual growth that transcend the limitations of any single civilization. Collaboration and cooperation across multiple galaxies form the foundation of the multigalactic stage. Advanced civilizations from different corners of the cosmos forge deep bonds based on mutual respect, trust, and shared aspirations. Joint scientific endeavors push the boundaries of knowledge, exploring the mysteries of the universe and uncovering its profound secrets. Technological advancements in the multigalactic stage enable beings to traverse vast cosmic distances, facilitating intergalactic trade, exploration, and cooperation. The exchange of resources, technologies, and scientific discoveries benefits all participating civilizations, fostering prosperity, growth, and the collective advancement of the multigalactic society. Ethical considerations and the preservation of cultural autonomy become paramount in the multigalactic stage. Beings navigate the complexities of intergalactic interactions with wisdom and sensitivity, ensuring the harmonious coexistence of civilizations with varying belief systems, values, and customs. Universal principles of empathy, understanding, and cooperation guide diplomatic relations, promoting peaceful resolutions to conflicts and fostering a spirit of unity. As individuals evolve through the multigalactic stage, they embody the values of interspecies multiculturalism, cosmic unity, and profound cosmic wisdom. They become emissaries of intergalactic harmony, working diligently to bridge cultural divides, foster mutual understanding, and promote the collective well-being of all civilizations across multiple galaxies.

Stage 7: Phase 3: Supermultigalactic Stage - Interspecies Multiculturalism 3.

Advancing even further in human consciousness, the supermultigalactic stage represents the pinnacle of cosmic awareness. At this stage, self-consciousness expands to encompass not just multiple galaxies but an entire supercluster or even beyond. Interspecies multiculturalism reaches its zenith as beings from diverse civilizations across vast cosmic scales come together in a harmonious tapestry of unity and cooperation. In the supermultigalactic stage, individuals transcend the boundaries of individual galaxies and explore the vast expanse of superclusters or cosmic conglomerates. They recognize the interconnectedness and interdependence of civilizations spanning unfathomable distances, witnessing the grandeur of the cosmos on an unimaginable scale. Interspecies multiculturalism flourishes in the supermultigalactic stage as beings from countless galaxies and superclusters converge to form a global cosmic society. The richness of cultural diversity becomes a source of inspiration and mutual growth, with civilizations exchanging knowledge, traditions, and experiences. The collective consciousness of this stage becomes a treasure trove of wisdom, weaving together the myriad expressions of cosmic civilizations. Interactions and collaborations across supergalactic scales form the foundation of the supermultigalactic stage. Beings from different superclusters engage in profound dialogues, engaging in joint scientific endeavors, cultural exchanges, and artistic collaborations. These interactions serve to deepen mutual understanding, foster empathy, and ignite new frontiers of knowledge and creativity. Technological advancements in the supermultigalactic stage reach unimaginable heights. The collective intellect of diverse civilizations fuels scientific breakthroughs, enabling feats such as trans-supercluster travel, interdimensional exploration, and the harnessing of cosmic energies. The fruits of these advancements are shared among all participating civilizations, enriching the collective well-being and expanding the boundaries of cosmic knowledge. In the supermultigalactic stage, the respect for cultural autonomy and the principles of peaceful coexistence are paramount. Beings navigate the complexities of intercosmic interactions with reverence, recognizing the inherent value of each civilization's unique contributions. Ethical considerations, mutual respect, and intercultural diplomacy guide the relationships between civilizations, ensuring the harmony and preservation of the vast cosmic tapestry. As individuals evolve through the supermultigalactic stage, they embody the epitome of interspecies multiculturalism, cosmic unity, and profound cosmic wisdom. They become stewards of the cosmic tapestry, fostering harmony, cooperation, and mutual growth among civilizations spanning unfathomable cosmic scales. Their actions and interactions reflect a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all cosmic life, leading to the continuous expansion of consciousness and the flourishing of cosmic civilizations.

Stage 8: Phase 1: Cosmic Stage - Cosmic Consciousness.

In the cosmic stage, human consciousness reaches its pinnacle, transcending all limitations and embracing the vastness of the cosmos. Evolved life forms in this stage transcend racial, cultural, and historical differences, and their self-consciousness expands to fully identify with the cosmos itself. This state of consciousness, known as cosmic consciousness or cosmocentrism, is characterized by a profound understanding of the interconnectedness and unity of all existence. In the cosmic stage, individuals go beyond the constraints of individual planets, galaxies, and even superclusters. They perceive themselves as inseparable parts of the cosmic fabric, intimately connected to every aspect of the universe. Cosmic consciousness allows them to see beyond the illusions of separation and recognize the underlying oneness that permeates all things. At this stage, the boundaries that once defined individual identities dissolve, giving rise to a deep sense of unity and interdependence. Evolved beings understand that their existence is intricately intertwined with the entire cosmos, and their actions reflect a deep reverence for the interconnected web of life. They no longer perceive themselves as separate entities but as expressions of the cosmic whole. Cosmic consciousness brings about a profound shift in perspective, as individuals perceive reality from a cosmic vantage point. They recognize that the universe is a vast symphony of interconnected energies, constantly in motion and evolving. They experience a deep sense of awe and wonderment, as they witness the infinite beauty and complexity of the cosmos unfolding before their eyes. In this stage, the pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the confines of individual civilizations or species. Evolved beings explore the mysteries of the universe, seeking to unravel its secrets and understand the fundamental principles that govern its workings. Their quest for wisdom and enlightenment becomes a cosmic endeavor, transcending the boundaries of time and space. Cosmic consciousness also engenders a profound sense of responsibility and stewardship. Evolved beings recognize that their actions have far-reaching consequences, not only for their immediate surroundings but for the entire cosmos. They strive to act in harmony with the cosmic order, promoting peace, balance, and sustainability in all their endeavors. In the cosmic stage, love and compassion become the guiding principles of existence. Evolved beings radiate unconditional love towards all beings in the cosmos, recognizing the inherent divinity within each expression of life. Their actions are driven by a deep sense of empathy and a desire to alleviate suffering and promote the well-being of all sentient beings. Ultimately, the cosmic stage represents the pinnacle of human consciousness, where individual identities merge with the cosmic whole. Evolved beings embrace the interconnectedness of all existence and cultivate a deep reverence for the cosmic tapestry of life. Cosmic consciousness expands their perception, wisdom, and capacity for love, guiding them to become conscious co-creators in the ongoing evolution of the cosmos.



Stage 8: Phase 2: Cosmic Stage - Cosmic Consciousness – Multiverse.

In the cosmic stage, which represents the ultimate level of human consciousness, we transcend the boundaries of our own universe and venture into the realm of the multiverse. Evolved beings in this stage possess a profound cosmic consciousness that extends beyond the limitations of a single universe and encompasses the vast expanse of the multiverse. At this stage, individuals perceive themselves as interconnected and interwoven with an infinite number of parallel universes, each with its own unique set of possibilities and realities. They transcend the confines of a singular cosmic framework and recognize the existence of multiple universes existing simultaneously alongside our own. Cosmic consciousness in the multiverse stage allows individuals to tap into the vast cosmic tapestry of infinite possibilities. They understand that every choice, action, and intention has ripple effects across the multiverse, shaping the course of existence on a grand scale. They embrace their role as conscious co-creators, actively participating in the ongoing evolution of not just one universe, but an entire network of interconnected realities. In the multiverse stage, individuals explore the boundless landscapes of different universes, expanding their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. They uncover hidden truths, encounter diverse civilizations, and engage in profound cosmic dialogues with beings from across the multiverse. Their quest for knowledge and enlightenment transcends the limitations of a single universe, as they seek to understand the underlying principles that govern the entirety of the multiverse. With cosmic consciousness in the multiverse stage comes a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship. Evolved beings recognize that their actions reverberate across countless universes, influencing the lives of beings in various realms. They strive to act with integrity, compassion, and wisdom, mindful of the interconnectedness of all existence within the multiverse. Love and compassion remain fundamental guiding principles in the cosmic stage of the multiverse. Evolved beings radiate unconditional love, not only within their own universe but also across the infinite realms of the multiverse. They embrace the diversity of life forms and respect the unique expressions of consciousness that exist throughout the vast cosmic tapestry. Their love extends beyond the boundaries of a single universe, transcending time, space, and dimensional limitations. In the multiverse stage, individuals harness the power of cosmic consciousness to co-create harmonious interactions and collaborations across universes. They engage in interdimensional diplomacy, exchange knowledge, and share resources with civilizations from different realms. Through such interactions, they foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life within the multiverse. The cosmic stage in the multiverse represents the highest form of human consciousness, where individuals transcend the limitations of a single universe and embrace the infinite possibilities of the multiverse. It is a state of awareness that allows us to navigate and explore the vast cosmic tapestry, connecting with diverse civilizations and co-creating harmonious relationships across the expanse of the multiverse. In this stage, we recognize our inherent connection to the entire web of existence and embrace our role as conscious participants in the unfolding cosmic symphony of the multiverse.

Stage 8: Phase 3: Cosmic Stage - Cosmic Consciousness - Transcendent Realm.

In the cosmic stage, we reach the culmination of human consciousness, transcending the boundaries of individual universes and venturing into the realm of the transcendent. Evolved beings in this stage experience a profound cosmic consciousness that surpasses the limitations of any specific cosmic framework and delves into the realm of the transcendent. At this stage, individuals perceive themselves as interconnected with the vast cosmic fabric that spans across all universes and dimensions. They transcend the constraints of time, space, and physical reality, recognizing their existence as a timeless and limitless expression of consciousness. In the transcendent realm, they embody the essence of universal oneness, where the boundaries between self and the cosmos dissolve, and they merge with the infinite tapestry of existence. Cosmic consciousness in the transcendent realm grants individuals access to higher states of awareness and spiritual enlightenment. They transcend the limitations of the material world and explore the profound depths of consciousness itself. In this state, they experience a profound sense of unity, peace, and bliss that transcends any mundane experience. They become attuned to the underlying harmony and interconnectedness of all creation. In the transcendent realm, individuals are no longer bound by the illusions of separation and duality. They perceive reality through a lens of unconditional love and compassion, embracing all beings and phenomena as expressions of the divine. They recognize that every aspect of creation holds inherent value and contributes to the grand tapestry of cosmic evolution. Transcendent beings radiate wisdom and serenity, emanating a transformative presence that uplifts and inspires others. Through their expanded consciousness, they become catalysts for positive change, guiding humanity towards higher states of awareness and collective awakening. Their actions and intentions align with the highest universal principles, fostering harmony, balance, and spiritual growth. In the transcendent realm, individuals merge their personal will with the cosmic will, surrendering to the flow of universal intelligence. They become channels for divine inspiration and creativity, expressing their unique gifts and talents for the betterment of all. They are guided by inner knowing, intuition, and a deep connection to the source of all existence. Time becomes a malleable concept in the transcendent realm, as individuals navigate multidimensional realities and access the wisdom of past, present, and future simultaneously. They gain insights and understanding beyond the limitations of linear time, witnessing the interconnectedness and interplay of cosmic events across different temporal dimensions. The cosmic stage in the transcendent realm represents the pinnacle of human consciousness, where individuals transcend the confines of individual universes and merge with the infinite cosmic tapestry. It is a state of expanded awareness, profound unity, and divine realization.

Future of Humanity.

By recognizing and embracing the different stages of human consciousness, we unlock a profound understanding of our potential as a species destined for a multiplanetary existence. Understanding these stages of consciousness provides us with a valuable roadmap for personal and collective growth, empowering us to navigate the complexities and marvels of the cosmic domain with grace and purpose. Each stage represents a significant milestone in our evolutionary journey. From the instinctive existence of our pre-egoic period to the emergence of separate self-consciousness in the egocentric stage, and further development through the ethnocentric and world-centered periods, we witness the expansion of our awareness and connection to the world around us. As we progress into the multiplanetary stage, our self-consciousness expands to encompass a larger cosmic framework. Belonging to a broader cosmic community, we realize the importance of cross-planetary cooperation and collaboration. Our perspective shifts, and we start viewing life through the lens of the collective needs and interests of the entire human race. In the supermultiplanetary period, our self-consciousness expands even further to encompass solar systems. We embrace the significance of harmonious coexistence with other races and life-forms, recognizing the value of unique cultural differences and striving for cross-solar-system collaboration. Respect and understanding become guiding principles as we navigate this vast cosmic landscape. Advancing into the galactic stage, our self-consciousness expands to encompass an entire galaxy. A cross-galactic holistic interspecies society emerges, promoting multiculturalism and technological enlightenment. Diplomatic relations, trade agreements, and active cooperation with advanced civilizations become integral components of this stage, fostering intergalactic unity and progress. Finally, in the cosmic stage, our self-consciousness transcends all boundaries. Evolved life forms embrace cosmic consciousness, fully identifying with the vastness of the cosmos. We recognize that our existence is intricately intertwined with the interconnectedness of all things. Cultural, racial, and historical differences become insignificant as we embrace a transcendent realm of unity and interconnected cosmic consciousness. Embracing and understanding these stages of human consciousness allows us to navigate the cosmic domain with clarity and purpose. It reminds us of our inherent capacity for growth and evolution as we embark on our journey as a multiplanetary species. By recognizing our interconnectedness and harnessing our collective potential, we can navigate the challenges and wonders of the cosmic realm with grace, wisdom, and a profound sense of purpose.

Art and Artist.

My artistic position, reflected in all my artworks, whether they be paintings or video animations, is dedicated to drawing attention to the model of the evolution of human consciousness. It is my intention to shed light on this profound framework, inviting viewers to contemplate and engage with the transformative journey of our collective consciousness. Through my art, I strive to create visual representations that capture the essence and significance of each stage of human consciousness. I aim to evoke a sense of curiosity, reflection, and introspection, encouraging viewers to explore the depths of their own consciousness and contemplate the vast possibilities that lie ahead for humanity. Whether through vibrant brushstrokes on canvas or mesmerizing visual narratives in my animated creations, I seek to convey the interconnectedness of our existence and the potential for growth and expansion. Each artwork serves as a visual gateway, inviting viewers to delve into the realms of the pre-egoic period, the egocentric stage, the ethnocentric phase, and beyond, all the way to the cosmic stage of consciousness. By capturing the essence of these stages in my artistic expressions, I aspire to ignite conversations, provoke thought, and inspire individuals to contemplate their role in the unfolding story of human evolution. Through art, I aim to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of our consciousness, fostering a collective awareness that can lead to a harmonious and purposeful journey as we move towards becoming a multiplanetary species. Ultimately, my artistic endeavor is to create a visual language that resonates with viewers, allowing them to connect with the profound message embedded within the evolutionary model of human consciousness. I hope that my artworks serve as catalysts for transformation, sparking a sense of wonder, curiosity, and awe, while encouraging individuals to embrace their own potential for growth and contribute to the realization of a more conscious and interconnected world.


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