What is Astral Space Exploration: Cosmocybernetic Art?

Sometimes I ask myself: “Why people are ready to admire and recognize the activities of SpaceX, as the best option for traveling in the physical dimensions of the Cosmos, but are ready to deny that their brain is already the highest form of biotechnology by which people can travel, exploring the Cosmos inside themselves? ". After all, this is the simplest essence of what I am trying to convey through creativity. The essential idea of the Astral Space Explorationis is that consciousness is already a spaceship with which you can explore the endless expanses of the inner worlds. It is very important to investigate the physical dimensions of the Cosmos, but it is also important to investigate its nonmaterial dimensions. This option is already available to everyone from the moment of birth and its absolutley free. Managing consciousness as a spaceship exploring the endless expanses of the inner Cosmos is not easy. But if humanity succeeded in dominating the physical and nonmaterial dimensions of Cosmos with the help of higher technological achievements of humanity and cosmic consciousness, we could go a step closer to the great sacred mystery of all being. In my case, the way to explore the inner dimensions of the Cosmos was a symbol that came to me in the form of a vision in a deep meditative state of consciousness. When I meditate on this symbol, creative insights come to me, which I save in the form of objects of art. That is why the name Astral Space Exploration is closely related to my sign, since the word Astral itself is it is closely interrelated with the word Stars. Different people from different cultures used different symbols and different images in order to focus and adjust their consciousness to meditation, but I was lucky to discover my own sign in myself, which will serve as the basis for deep creative dives. Since childhood, I have been fond of science fiction and enthusiastically read and dreamed about the future. That's probably why most of my creative insights are related to the future. If we summarize these insights, then grouping them together, we get what I called Cosmocybernetics.Cybernetics is the science of the general laws of obtaining, storing, transforming and transferring information to complex control systems: machines, living organisms or society. Consequently, Cosmocybernetics is a science about the general laws of obtaining, storing, transforming information in complex control systems of infinite Universes and not material dimensions of the Cosmos. With the right methodology, you can set the frequency of reception of cosmic waves by a certain brain (for which it was created) so that you can easily draw knowledge from the Cosmic Core, and also interact with the Cosmos as such directly. Here is a short summary of what I sincerely believe, for the sake of what I live and for what I create.

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